What Are Chronic Shoulder Pain Causes?

Chronic Shoulder Pain has different manifestations in different people and this is because of a variety of causes. Here are some of the most common reasons why you might be facing chronic shoulder pain- 

  • Age is a very strong factor that you need to consider if you have chronic shoulder pain. As you age, your muscles and bones that losing their strength and quality making you more prone to developing arthritis and osteoarthritis in the joints which are the leading causes of chronic shoulder pain. This is the most common reason behind shoulder pain without injury. 
  • Overuse of the shoulder due to occupation-related reasons or if you play contact sports might be a reason behind your chronic shoulder pain. 
  • Bad posture, slouching and a crooked posture can lead to chronic shoulder pain if proper interventions are not introduced. 
  • Sudden impact or injury can severely cause chronic shoulder pain if not treated well. 
  • Chronic shoulder pain may be a result of a complication during a surgical procedure
  • An inactive lifestyle can severely affect your joint and muscle health as you grow older.

  • Overeating and obesity can put you at risk for developing diabetes which causes pains all over your joints.

What Are Chronic Shoulder Pain Symptoms?

Before designing a treatment plan and creating a proper diagnostic plan, it is imperative to carefully analyze your symptoms and identify those which are relevant to you.

Here is a list of symptoms associated with chronic shoulder pain: 

  • A dull and constant ache in your shoulder joint. 
  • Not having a full range of motion. 
  • Discomfort in performing day-to-day tasks 
  • Pins and Needles sensation in the shoulder muscles and joints 
  • Unable to lift something heavy or reach anything above 
  • Unable to move the area near the rotator cuff (holding bags, reaching a height, etc) 
  • Difficulty sleeping due to the pain 
  • Numbness and tingling near the arm 
  • Total immobilization in one part of the shoulder

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What Are Chronic Shoulder Pain Treatment Plan?

Chronic shoulder pain can be due to a variety of reasons, and this makes generalizations regarding the treatment plan difficult, as different people will have varying levels of comfort level and the lifestyle allowance to choose a treatment plan. This is why there are a variety of options available that cater to every need of a patient afflicted with chronic shoulder pain.

Here is a list of treatment plans that are prescribed for shoulder pain:

  • Physiotherapy for shoulder pain is one of the best treatment options. The great thing about this is that you can perform physiotherapy exercises from your home, or work as your assigned physiotherapist works with you to create a plan that adjusts to your lifestyle. It is a great non-invasive, drug-free approach that works on the problem from the root and also helps with short-term pain symptoms. 
  • Exercise is a great treatment plan that works in conjunction with other options to optimize recovery. In physiotherapy, exercise forms the majority part where your physiotherapist works to include certain exercises that target to stretch and relax those muscles that are strained and causing you discomfort. 
  • Postural correction is a lifestyle change that goes a long way in reducing your chronic shoulder pain woes. When you spend hours on end in a bad posture, it permanently puts stress on your muscles that cause chronic shoulder pain. Your physiotherapist analyses your movements and posture and suggests postural change through corrective braces and exercises that can help better your posture and bring about long-term change. 
  • Patients with arthritis and osteoarthritis have a hard time complying with intense exercises. So a treatment plan to help with chronic pain includes regular heat and cold therapies, pain medicines, ultrasounds, and electrotherapy to help with the pain. 
  • Massage therapies are a great treatment plan that works in conjunction with other options and help release pent-up pressure and stress in your shoulder muscles. This is also a great option for working professionals to take some time out to relax as pain is only made worse by additional work and personal stressors. 
  • Surgical intervention is required in times when chronic shoulder pain is an indicator of something grave that is happening internally. Your doctor will assess the root cause of this and suggest accordingly. Even after surgery, physiotherapy is required as a recovery option to help you regain full functionality. 
  • Pain medications are a treatment plan for those whose chronic shoulder pain is interfering with their daily routine and is severely causing them discomfort. 
  • Strengthening and weight lifting exercises help strengthen your shoulder muscles work as a long-term shoulder pain prevention plan and also help you combat pain symptoms related to chronic shoulder pain.

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