Is there a Relationship Between Large Breasts and Back Pain?

Back Pain has a large number of contributing factors. It may be related to age, weight, occupation, genetic factors, or even injuries. Therefore, considering large breasts as the sole reason behind back pain becomes complex in the face of multiple causal factors. There is research that has provided evidence that links upper back pain with having large breasts.

In this study which was conducted in a group of menopausal women, it was found that most women found upper back pain associated with large breasts. However, these participants were also obese and overweight which also could be contributing causes behind back pain.

This further reinstates the fact that considering large breasts as the sole reason behind back pain may be premature as it happens in conjunction with other underlying issues as well namely a pinched nerve, higher BMI, herniated disks, etc. Conditions like osteoarthritis, vertebral fracture, myofascial pain are also contributing factors behind back pain. 

Larger breasts, however, don’t just cause back pain but are also linked to neck and shoulder pain. This is substantiated by a study that concluded a larger breast size is a significant contributor to shoulder and neck pain.  This is where this link becomes even more complex.

Wearing the wrong size and type of bra may also be contributing to your back pain as this study found out. 80 percent of the participants who reported back pain wear the wrong size and fit bra.

In day-to-day life, it is actually more probable that women with larger cup sizes wear the wrong size bra that further complicates their posture and contributes to back pain. Wearing the wrong bra completely makes the function of the bra redundant as it is supposed to provide support to your breasts. This also leads to further discomfort.

Is Surgery The Only Option? 

Most often than not, people with large breasts will seriously consider the option of breast reduction surgery.  Although it is not a wrong option, it is also not the only option. As we saw earlier, it is quite premature to single out heavy breasts as the sole reason behind the back pain. Lifestyle reasons, age, weight, genetics- all of these combined play a part in the pain that is caused. This is why doctors recommend their patients not to jump directly to breast reduction surgery as there may be other non-invasive approaches to pain management. 

It is true especially from a biomechanical point of view that large breasts change the center of your gravity leading to added pressure on your spine leading the muscles in the back to work overtime to keep a normal range of functioning and alignment. This added adjustment and pressure may aggravate back pain but it is highly unlikely to be the sole reason behind it.  Your first line of defense to this problem should always be conservative management or physiotherapy for the upper back.  Physical therapy can provide short-term pain relief without the pain med reliance. Physiotherapy is also a great barometer to decide the severity of the problem- are your large breasts the singled out reason that warrants surgery? Physiotherapy will use core-stability techniques, in addition to muscle strengthening and therapeutic massages and exercises to help with the pain.

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How Can Physiotherapy For Lower Back Pain help for People with Large Breasts

Reaching out for help for any health-related condition might seem intimidating. Phyt Health which is India’s first digital physiotherapy platform is working with a team of qualified physiotherapists to make treatment more accessible and open to users, right in the digital comfort of their homes. For people with large breasts, you can easily book an online video consultation with your physiotherapist with Phyt Health and start your journey towards pain relief and comfort. The great thing about Phyt Health is the precision and attention to detail when it comes to designing treatment plans for any issue. Using 3D imaging and Artificial Intelligence, Phyt Health correctly identifies your posture and stance and suggests corrective exercises and treatment plans for faster recovery. Although back pain caused by large breasts may tempt you to opt for surgical options, physiotherapy for lower back pain is a great drug-free, non-invasive option for you to try before you consider the surgical route as it delivers effective pain-management techniques that are accessible and easy to follow.

Here are some guidelines your treatment plan for physiotherapy for lower back pain may follow. 

  • The great thing about Phyt Health which is an online physiotherapy services platform is that it allows high levels of flexibility and adjusts itself to be a part of your routine. Your assigned physiotherapist will carefully assess your daily routine and will try to incorporate changes and exercises that fit into your routine. Whether it is recommending exercises, therapy, or massage routines- all these exercises are taught and performed under the watchful eye of your physiotherapist, at any time that is convenient to you! 
  • Physiotherapy for back pain contains a combination of massage therapies like deep-tissue massage or TENS massage, hot and cold therapy, etc. The reason behind this is that before we get to active therapy which includes exercises it is best we try to relieve the tension and stress build up in the back that will help you to perform the exercises better and in turn, heal better. 
  • Your large breasts might be an impediment to the full range of motion in your back. This is where physiotherapy sets in to help relieve the pressure in the joints to help you regain normal functionality for a pain-free daily life. 
  • Back pain may be worsened because of lifestyle conditions. If you are a person who sits all day due to their work, you are more prone to developing back pain, even more, if you are a person with large breasts. Your physiotherapist might suggest exercises and movement every hour to help prevent stiffness in the back. 
  • Physiotherapy for lower back pain and general back pain will also focus on core strengthening. This is because we often ignore our core but it is an essential support system to our spine. Our abdominal muscles are key to supporting our spine and good core strength leads to better spinal health and reduced back pain and flare-ups in the future. There are many exercises related to core strength on the Phyt Health App that can help you start a core strength regimen today! 
  • Improving back strength and muscle strength is also an important way to prevent back pain and come out stronger than before your injury or pain. Muscle strengthening helps provide your back muscles with the vigor and strength it needs to adjust with any shifting centers of gravity that may cause pain. 
  • Hot and Cold Compress is a great therapeutic technique that can help manage back pain. While a hot compress ensures better recovery by increasing blood flow and nutrients to the affected area, a cold compress can help with inflammation, pain, and muscle spasms to help cool down inflamed tissues.

Phyt Health is a great platform to accelerate your journey towards healing in the thawing stage of the frozen shoulder. Your physical therapist will guide you to incorporate some exercises that include the stretching of the joint. Along with subsidiary treatment like ice and heat application, and other alternative therapies, your frozen shoulder can be eased into recovery using these techniques.