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Elbow Pain
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Shoulder Pain
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Knee Pain
  Hand Pain
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No hidden charges / fees. LIMITED slots available from 8 a.m – 9 p.m, Mon – Sat.


Proprietary AI- assessment

We measure your range of motion & observe your posture

30-40 minutes consultation

A senior physiotherapist will assess your condition

Personalized exercise plan

We create a personalized exercise plan for your pain

Consultation Report for your doctor

We share an assessment report for your doctor’s reference

How we deliver Online physiotherapy

Our 4-stage digital physiotherapy program helps you reduce medical expenses, save you time and bring utmost convenience

Stage 1 Days 1-7

Pain management and protection

We will work on movements and strategies to reduce your pain. You will also be taught  about the correct way to perform certain activities to protect your injury from further damage

Stage 2 Days 8-14


During this phase the PTs would work on improving stability around the injured area and to gradually increase its function

Stage 3 Days 15-21


Treatment will focus on progression back to pre-injury level. Gradually reducing dependence on any passive therapy. Strengthening exercises would be dyanamic and multiplanar.

Stage 4 Days 22-28

Ongoing Strengthening and Prevention

In this phase, the focus will be to improve the quality of the new tissue and preventing re-injury. Treatment can be directed toward specific activity or sports to prepare the injured site for the increased demands.

No hidden charges / fees. LIMITED slots available from 8 a.m – 9 p.m, Mon – Sat.

See what our patients have to say

I am a school teacher from Haryana. I was so deeply affected by my pain that I had stopped working and had decided that I would not get married. I had fear of exacerbating my symptoms with forward bending that I completely avoided it. I signed up for 2 months package with on 28th September and was under the care of Dr Priyanka. In less than a month, I resumed my job and my parents have fixed my marriage for 28th November.

Paramjit Punia


 I am a housewife, and mother of 2 beautiful kids I suffered from low back pain radiating along the front of my right leg. Being a housewife with no domestic help during COVID aggravated my condition. I was also not able to give my 100% for my examination. Just with one day of exercise with Dr. Aarti, I felt 50% better. My leg pain was completely gone. At the time of my second session, my shift got corrected. I continue to work on my core stability and overall strengthening at I was also educated on how to modify my daily activities to avoid aggravating my back pain. I also realize the importance of looking after myself. After all, women are the soul of the family!



1 year back I sustained an injury to my neck while doing a headstand. Immense pain made life irritable and stressful in the day-to-day activity and work life was affected. Along with exercises, my therapist focussed on the ergonomic assessment of my workstation at home as well as my car seat. My family members were also involved to ensure that I get reminded to adopt proper posture throughout the day. Currently, I am 20-30 percent better. I am also planning to drive and take my family to my hometown for Diwali. Through his journey at I was empowered to self-manage my pain. Now I am happy that I am able to avoid the second nerve block injection.

Sagar Pachare


I had some shooting pain in my knee post ACL reconstruction surgery and was scared to bend my knee while walking to be cautious. I couldn’t straighten my knee completely even after a month of home physiotherapy and had a lag of 25 degree so my doctor referred me to Phyt Health. I signed up for 1 month package with Phyt Health and took treatment under Dr. Priyanka. Within a month, I was able to straighten my knee with a lag of 5 degree and walk with a normal gait pattern without any apprehension. Dr. Priyanka is very attentive, punctual and provides corrective feedback during the session so as to get close to correct posture. I have gotten back to do my household chores as well as ride a bike to commute within the city confidently.

Mrunal Durge


No hidden charges / fees. LIMITED slots available from 8 a.m – 9 p.m, Mon – Sat.

Physiotherapy Experts at Phyt Health

We have built one of the best teams of Physiotherapy Experts

Dr. Ashwini Marathe

MPT, Musculoskeletal

“I am passionate about my profession of Physiotherapy and love to train and nurture young talent.

Currently, I am working as Program Manager at and responsible for setting up processes and operations.

I am also pursuing my Doctorate in Physiotherapy from the University of Montana. My interest includes AI in Healthcare, McKenzie, and Kinetic Control treatment.”

Dr. Priyanka Arlekar

MPT, Musculoskeletal

“6+ years experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist who has worked in hospital, skilled nursing facility and outpatient clinic setting. I am passionate about guiding patients to get back to their normal life and empowering them with an individualized holistic approach to achieve their goals.”

Dr. Aditi Gode Tawade

BPT, Spine Specialist, Certified Pilates Trainer

“I am a Passionate, enthusiastic and Dedicated Physical Therapist by profession with an experience of over 10+ years with specialization in Spine therapy. I beleive in accurately assessing the needs of the patients and creating an appropriate treatment plan to best address their needs. ”

Dr. Aarti Jogu

MPT, Musculoskeletal

“I am a skilled therapist specializing in musculoskeletal disorders by assisting with dedicated tailor-made rehabilitation processes for their specific requirements.

I have always had a passion to help improve the lives of others. I have great interpersonal skills and I have a great sense of empathy for my patients.”

Dr. Divya Kotak

MPT, Musculoskeletal

“I am a physiotherapist with 7 years+ of experience specialized in treating spine conditions. I strongly believe that accurate diagnosis with effective rehabilitation can do wonders for a patient, I  try my best to help my patients to get back to their normal lifestyle and way of living.”

Dr. Iqra Ilyas Mulla

BPT, Spine Specialist

“I am a qualified Musculoskeletal Physical Therapist, committed to improve physical and mental wellbeing of the patient through expert treatment programmes. Utilising my knowledge to accurately and efficiently assess, diagnose and deliver results through compassionate care and on-going support.”

Utmost care that works for
every part of the body

Elbow Pain
Back Pain
Shoulder Pain
Neck Pain
Knee Pain
  Hand Pain
Foot Pain
Hip Pain

No hidden charges / fees. LIMITED slots available from 8 a.m – 9 p.m, Mon – Sat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an appointment?

Click on Book Free Consultation to get started. Select your pain area, fill in your basic details and start with taking an AI assessment or booking a consultation with our Physiotherapist experts

What are the things required for the Physiotherapy sessions?

A good internet connection, a phone, laptop or desktop is enough to start your recovery process.

Who will conduct my session?

We have licensed and highly trained Physiotherapists with us, who will take utmost care of you during your road to recovery.

How do I share my X-ray/MRI report?

You can add our WhatsApp No. +91-7709111978 to your contacts and send us your reports easily at any time.

What will be the duration of my session?

Initial assessment and consultation session will last from 30 – 45 minutes, and after that depending on your recovery process the prescribed sessions can last anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes.

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