What to Do for Chronic Neck Pain?

If you are someone who is living with chronic pain, it is first necessary to understand your uniques symptoms and the underlying causes behind them. Most often than not we discount the role of genetics and lifestyle choices when it comes to our ailments, especially with chronic neck pain. If you had a bad injury in your past, then chronic neck pain might be an unfortunate circumstance.  Before we get into physiotherapy treatment for chronic neck pain, let us examine what actually puts us at risk for this and what are the unique manifestations of chronic neck pain.

What Are the Causes of Chronic Neck Pain?

  • Age is the most significant cause of chronic neck pain. With age comes a host of degenerative diseases that puts you at risk for developing arthritis, osteoarthritis, herniated disks, etc. These disorders drastically deteriorate the quality of the bones and muscles, which lead to muscle pains. 
  • If you are in an occupation that requires you to sit and stare at a screen for prolonged hours, then it might be a reason behind chronic neck pain. It is not always possible to have perfect posture when sitting at all times, and this bad posture leads to neck pain which can become recurring over time. 
  • A sedentary lifestyle is a strong contributing cause as well. If we are always sitting or lying down, in terrible postures without any exercise or stretches- this can have overreaching effects in our later years in the form of chronic neck pain. 
  • An injury in the past can be a cause of your chronic neck pain. If you are a sportsperson who played a contact sport in the past, then it is quite possible that a serious injury may have left you with neck pain. 
  • Sometimes surgery leaves some parts of our body immobilized. Because of this constant position, the muscles get sore and you may be left with a chronic neck pain that doesn’t seem to budge at all. 

  • If you have frozen shoulder syndrome, then it is quite possible that you feel the strain in your neck, as well as the shoulder and neck muscles, since these are quite near each other.

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What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Neck Pain?

  • Dull constant ache near the neck muscles 
  • Sharp, pins and needles sensation in the neck 
  • Numbness and tingling in the arms
  • Discomfort in rotating and looking up 
  • Soreness and tightness near the neck muscles 
  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Unable to Read and look at a screen for long hours 
  • Unable to get a full range of motion in the neck pain

How to Treat Chronic Neck Pain?

Depending on your lifestyle, pain, discomfort, and diagnosis- your doctor will recommend one or a combination of the following treatments: 

  • In some cases, surgical intervention is required as chronic neck pain can be an indicator of something more serious that is wrong with the nerves, bones, and muscles. 
  • NSAIDs or Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to patients to help provide short-term pain relief. 
  • Some doctors prescribe neck braces or supportive equipment to help with postural correction. 
  • Massage therapies help in relieving tension near the neck muscles and promote relaxation and pain relief. 
  • Physiotherapy treatment for chronic neck pain is a non-invasive, drug-free approach to combat neck pain and it also helps in long-term prevention and short-term pain relief. 

  • Core strengthening exercises and leading an active lifestyle is great treatment and recovery option as it helps increase overall muscle strength and keep chronic neck pain at bay. 

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Physiotherapy Treatment for Chronic Neck Pain

The great thing about physiotherapy for neck pain is that it adjusts to your lifestyle and helps you create a long-term prevention plan. When it comes to chronic neck pain we often jump to surgeries as we feel like it is the only option at hand. But, surgeries are accompanied by a painful recovery, risks of complications, and uncertainty. Before considering that, physiotherapy should be your go-to treatment path so that you have a holistic treatment journey that is made for you.

Here’s how physical therapy neck pain exercises and treatment help:

  • Neck pain physiotherapy treatment at home is a viable option and can help you stick to your treatment plan better as it can be done from anywhere- your home or your office. Your physiotherapist will assign you some sitting or lying down neck stretch exercises that can help you perform the exercises with ease and help you be more accountable to your treatment guidelines. 
  • Physiotherapy for neck pain includes core strengthening exercises that will help you combat and keep chronic neck pain at bay. When you strengthen your core, you are strengthening all the supportive muscles that help keep your spine healthy. 
  • Physiotherapy exercises for neck pain include stretches and rotations that can help you ease your muscle soreness and tightness. Stretches like the sideways and forward neck stretch work on the target muscles to release built-up stress and tension that can help you feel better every time you have a flare-up. 
  • If you have existing health conditions, then physiotherapy helps in creating a treatment plan that works uniquely for you. Some patients with arthritis are unable to perform certain exercises, so your physiotherapy creates a custom workout-plan with in conjunction with your trainer so that you do not perform any movements that will worsen your chronic neck pain. 
  • Postural correction is an important part of chronic neck pain treatment. Our posture aggravates neck and back issues that worsen your chronic neck pain problem. Your physiotherapist will recognize incorrect postures and movements and provide a postural correction plan to help keep your chronic neck pain at bay. 
  • Massage therapies form an essential part of physiotherapy plans. Massages are a great way to relax and relieve tension in the affected neck muscles. They are also a perfect way to de-stress relax and release all the pent-up pressure from your muscles and joints. 

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