Painless Productivity

From the office chair to the driver’s seat, sitting for extended hours can be painful. In quick 10 minute gamified sessions, Phyt Health helps relieve back, neck and shoulder pain so your team can focus on being more productive, at work and in life.

Unlock your team’s full potential

Your people cannot deliver when they have pain on their mind. Chronic pain in the workplace is proven to reduce performance1, increase productivity loss by up to 4X1 and can affect mental health1. Phyt health gives your team a convenient and engaging way to quickly address their pain points for a healthier body and mind.

The result?

Less pain and more energy – and that means better focus, better long-term health and more effective teamwork.

A difference your teams can feel


Pain relief

Better focus

Higher productivity

More Energy

Designed By Our
Backed By Science

Our exercise program is designed by our in-house Physiotherapy team with over 40 years of combined experience in pain relief. With a gamified approach and just a 10 minute session per day that doesn’t get in the way of work, this is an exercise your team would love to do.

Watch how Phyt Health Game plan works!

  • Your Employees get access to the Phyt Health program
  • Reminder to do one exercise per day each session is only 10 mins and can fit into any schedule
  • Each session is designed to address pain areas caused by sitting for extended hours
  • Pain relief means more energy, better focus and higher productivity

Hands-free administration

With access to a simple dashboard and professional support throughout the program, our team will help you launch the program, drive engagement and measure outcomes without you having to break a sweat.

We can help you launch the program in your organisation within 2 days and you can start seeing the results from day 1.

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