Today we’re going to talk about an issue that plagues 99% of the people out there today. It goes unnoticed and is often pushed under the rug, right up until it makes it hard for you to function smoothly…any guesses?

Yep, it’s incorrect posture. When you put your spine or your body in an unnatural position for sustained periods of time, it starts to become second nature for your body and detrimental for your joint and muscle health. The causes, you ask?
Sitting at a computer for long hours, cradling a cell phone, long work hours, long arguments on text, carrying heavy bags or purses, or even while you’re asleep.

The way in which you hold your body, for long hours is your posture. And bad posture can have a lot of ill effects and lead to a whole multitude of issues like:

1. Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain

Poor posture or constant slouching can cause tension and pain in your neck, upper back, lower back, and shoulders


  1. Poor Blood Circulation

Daily routines that involve sitting for long hours, in a chair with poor posture end up putting you at risk of developing or worsening blood circulation problems. It can also lead to varicose veins. 


  1. Impaired Lung Function

Your posture can affect the amount of air you’re taking into your lungs while breathing. Hunching forward all the time can negatively influence your lung capacity. This is the dangerous part, if your lungs aren’t functioning as they should be, your brain, heart and other vital organs won’t get the oxygen they need and can lead to complications!


  1. Improper Digestion

When you slouch, you compress your abdominal organs, including your digestive tract.

Doing this can over time, can lead to absorption issues and nutritional deficiencies especially for those who hold desk jobs.

  1. Constriction of Nerves

The long-term impact of poor posture can cause your spine and other bones to shift their position and start ‘pinching’ the surrounding nerves. This can cause back and neck pain along with pain in other parts of the body. Eg. Sciatica is one such nerve.

  1. Wrong alignment of the Spine

Bad posture can negatively impact your spine’s position. When you have proper alignment, you can easily feel posture throughout your musculoskeletal system. 

  1. Misaligned curvature in the spine

Now remember, an upright spine is not really straight.
You have a few essential spinal curves in back. Bad posture can distort these natural curves and mess with your biomechanics leading to major issues and spinal injuries! Not to mention headaches and pain In the jaw because of constantly leaning forward. 

Now that you know the harm that can come from not focussing on and improving your posture, we hope you realise the importance of good posture and work on improving it subconsciously in everyday life.

Can your posture be improved?

Self -Awareness, along with an understanding of healthy movement strategies, will help you consciously correct yourself. Your doctor or physiotherapist can further assist you by recommending exercises to strengthen your core postural muscles and fill in the gaps caused by your particular lifestyle. He or she can also assist you with choosing better postures during your work or relaxation hours to further prevent injuries.

PS – This blog was written sitting perfectly upright, with an arched back and retracted shoulders. There’s your reminder to sit up straight and make that a habit!