Lower back pain is a common problem among the elderly, and there may be a lot of reasons behind it. There may be an existing health condition like arthritis or osteoporosis, or it might be the consequence of the natural process of aging. Physiotherapy exercises for lower back pain in the elderly population can help alleviate some of the pain. 

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain In Elderly

Over 60 percent of elderly adults face this issue, and this pain might manifest in different ways like- 

  • Loss of flexibility in the back, or general stiffness in the back. 
  • Continuous or irregular pain in the back every time you are engaged in physical activity. 
  • A localized tenderness near the lower back area whenever that area is touched. 
  • Extreme sharp pain in the lower back first thing in the morning and again before going to sleep.

Reasons Behind Lower Back Pain In Elderly

There may be varying reasons for lower back pain in elderly, but some of the most leading causes of lower back pain are- 


This is the condition where the cartilage between the facet joints starts breaking down. It is followed initially by irregular pains. Gradually the duration of the pain elongates and eventually causes sciatica. 

Spinal Stenosis

This happens when one or more bone openings within the spine begin to narrow and reduce space for the nerves. Pain, tingling, or numbness can occur depending on the location and extent of the narrowing over time. 

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Benefits of Physiotherapy For Lower Back Pain in Elderly

Physiotherapy for lower back pain is a great alternative to over-the-counter medicines and invasive surgical procedures. Medicines can only provide temporary relief to your pain, and prolonged medicines can be a complicated option. Invasive surgery might seem like the way to go, but it comes with its set of risks and prolonged recovery time which does not make it a sustainable option for your pain. Physiotherapy for lower back pain in the elderly population not only helps relieve pain in the immediate future but also provides strengthening to the muscles and bones of the affected area so that the lower back pain is gradually diminished.

Here’s why you need to get physiotherapy for lower back pain if you are or know an elderly person with lower back pain:

Pain Management

Physiotherapy for lower back pain is really good for the elderly population as it provides much-needed pain management for those who do not want additional reliance on pain medications or invasive surgery. It is a great alternative to surgery and provides improved flexibility, blood flow, core strength, and mobility without any risks or complications. 

Better Bone Strength

Lower back pain that is caused by spinal stenosis or osteoporosis leads to lower bone density. This increases the risk of fractures and falls. Physiotherapy, through a set of dedicated strength training exercises, can most definitely help. Physiotherapists also provide necessary information about proper movement and training to further improve their bone strength, thus increasing the range of motion in the meantime. 

The Added Benefit of Better Heart Health

 Getting physiotherapy for your lower back pain will need you to get more minutes of movement, which is known to reduce or prevent cardiac disease. Furthermore, regular participation in physiotherapy can help reduce the possibility of heart attacks, stroke, heart failure, coronary artery disease, etc.

Peace of Mind

Lower back pain causes an impediment in daily functioning through its discomfort and reduced functionality. Physiotherapy helps this by alleviating pain both in the short and long term, thus reducing the mental stress of pain and helping the elderly get peace of mind.  

Regaining Independence

Physiotherapy is one of the best ways to treat pains as it not only relieves adults of pain but also teaches them important techniques to build strength and keep their ailments at bay. This reduces heavy reliance on crutches or caretakers as they become independent caregivers of their pain, thus making them more independent.

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Physiotherapy Techniques For Lower Back Pain Management

Massage Therapies

This technique helps massage the muscles and the body’s tissues that help the patient to relax and increase blood circulation in the lower back area. This helps the patient relax, and helps improve flexibility in the lower back area thus helping the patients regain their functionality. 

Heat Therapy

By using heat, physiotherapists can relax stiff muscles in the lower back area that helps improve blood circulation. This is a great therapy for elderly patients suffering from conditions like osteoarthritis which greatly reduces independence and functionality in seniors.   

Cold Therapy

This is a great physiotherapy technique for people suffering from bone diseases like arthritis as it helps to reduce inflammation and swelling that might be causing discomfort. 


The physiotherapist assigned to the patient will teach them some key exercises to help relieve the pain and improve functionality in the area. Furthermore, physiotherapy will help provide a long-term solution and tips to patients to help them keep their pain at bay, and resume normal daily activities without any added complications or risks.

How do Physiotherapists Benefit Elderly Patients with Lower Back Pain?

With the option of online physiotherapy, we make sure our services are as flexible to accommodate patient needs. This is the process followed: 

  • Take their medical history into account, and create an environment to create a treatment plan that caters to the needs of the patient with regards to their lower back pain. 
  • They also recommend certain lifestyle and workout changes that help them include sustainable changes to their lifestyle and help them keep their pain at bay. 
  • They will keep the physiotherapy schedule dynamic in order to accommodate their schedule that is adaptable to the comfort of the patient. So the options of online physiotherapy are provided to our patients. 
  • They will prevent any movement or exercise that may cause harm to the bone. 
  • They will guide the patient in all aspects of their life including dietary changes and posture correction to provide a holistic treatment plan for their pain providing a 360-degree approach to wellness!

Phyt Health has a staff of highly qualified professionals who can help and assist the geriatric population with their pain and lower back functionality using 3D imaging and Artificial intelligence.